AASPI Photowalk | Ricoh GR3 Street Photography

JC Street

Here is the video for the first annual AASPI Photo Walk, held here in Melbourne on July 27th. I attended and met up with some of Melbourne’s best street shooters. I shot with my Ricoh GR3 and was extremely happy with the results, as usual. So far the GR3 has been an absolute banger and I really couldn’t recommend it enough.

Once the meet up finished I continued on with Andrew and we went for a bit more of a walk and shoot, which was fun.

On the way back to my car I walked by my favourite awkward street spot in Melbourne. Basically, it’s the city bus terminal in front of strip club. It’s actually hilarious. I didn’t really capture heaps of the walk either because I was SUPER late and missed the start so I had to play a bit of catch up. That said, even with the late start I’m quite happy with the results I captured, there were some deadset keepers.

Upon reflection, I can really say that I had heaps of fun on the first offical AASPI Photo Walk, it was nice to head out and shoot street with a bunch of like minded legends. I haven’t really shot a lot of street lately, i’ve been mainly shooting in the suburbs. So it was nice to get out and be social but at the same time shoot street.

Has taking some time away from street been a good thing? probably. I felt more at ease on the street and I felt that it was easy to compose – even though most of the shots are

I would HIGHLY recommend joining a photo group, photo walk or just getting out there with some fellow photographers every now and then. The vibe that other photo nerds have is already really positive and in a large group you really feed off each other, which is probably why i liked a few more of my photos than normal.

Andrews IG: https://instagram.com/an48ke
AASPI: http://aaspi.com.au

Camera Details: Ricoh GR3 Olympus Pen-F Panasonic 14mm GoPro Hero

Session Blog Post: See all the shots here: http://jcstreet.photography/

Music By: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspiredhttps://niteffect.bandcamp.com/https://miroleon.bandcamp.com/

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